20-Week Marathon Training Program: Week 7

Just in case you were concerned about my lack of training this week, I was on vacation with my family.  It took some improvising.  Now you must be thinking that improvising is synonymous with resting.  I only managed a personal gym workout and two runs throughout the entire week.  And yes, I am feeling guilty.  My long run was even supposed to be 10 miles, not 8.  I am going to make it up this week and run 10 miles when I am only supposed to run 7.  There.  I am loosely following Hal Higdon's Novice 1 Training Guide.  His is only 18 weeks.  Mine is 20.  I am basically trying to make sure I complete his suggested longest run of the week and cross-train the rest of the time.  Sometimes it doesn't work out the way you plan, but you can still run your marathon.

20-Week Marathon Training Program: Week 6

Now might be a good time to start talking about body parts hurting.  Distances are long enough at this point to start recognizing some nagging aches and pains.  Purchasing new running shoes was a good start to alleviate this injury thing.  Before I started training, I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to start on schedule because I had a stiff upper back.  It felt as though I had slept on it wrong, but I stretched constantly for 8 days and found no relief whatsoever.  I was still working out by taking various classes, but the one thing I really could not do was run.  You see the problem... marathon training, running, you know.  I had never been to a chiropractor before in my life, but I had limited mobility in my neck and had a lot of discomfort.  I went to The Back Alley in Oro Valley, Arizona and saw Dr. Don Shiflet (520-877-2666).  It was like a miracle.  No kidding.  I didn't tell him, but I was headed out of town for the weekend to go camping.  Just one visit and some neck cracks released all the tension in my upper back.  He even gave me his cell phone number just in case it tensed back up over the weekend.  It didn't, and again, I didn't tell him I was going to be in the mountains sleeping on the ground.  Turns out I didn't need him over the weekend.  He told me when to follow up, and I did two more times.  It was amazing, and he was awesome.  So nice!  I referred two of my girlfriends since then, and they both reported great experiences too.

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Haunted House Luminaries

` line sidewalks, driveways, courtyards, and walls with these homemade luminaries

` enhance the look with die cut garland, strung together with a sharp needle and thread

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haunted house die cuts (Click HERE to print your own onto black cardstock, or keep scrolling to purchase.)


white paper bags

glass votives

tea lights


Tape haunted house to bag, trimming any bag edges that show.  Put candle inside and light.  Do NOT leave unattended,  or use LED candles... much safer.

Halloween Cardstock Pumpkin
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Rustic Halloween Centerpiece

This is how you do Halloween if you're fancy.

Who knew a paper bat could look so elegant atop a stack of white plates?

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` light up windows by sticking haunted houses onto votives using double-sided tape

Haunted houses are also available on our Design Sprinkle Products page AND in our Etsy shop.


` keep it casual by stacking plates and place mats

` fill glass jars from Homegoods with dollar store moss and skulls

` again, die cuts on plates... just because it looks good

` add bat chandelier to tablescape... even more rustic

Click HERE for details on how to make this bat chandelier.

Black Cardstock Bats
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