20-Week Marathon Training Program: Week 3

This is how I trained for my third week, while referencing the Hal Higdon Training Guide-Novice 1, of course.   My schedule did not allow me to attend my usual classes for the week, so I substituted with a 3-mile run on Tuesday.  Normally I would take boot camp and indoor cycling.  I was able to ACTUALLY run twice this week.  Prior to this week, I had only run once per week.  The way I would have selected the distance is to choose the 2 longest runs in Hal's training guide for that particular week.  Of course that meant I ran 6 miles, the longest Hal-suggested run for that week.  As for the other run, I did not have to choose.  The rest of the runs were 3 miles, so that is what I did earlier in the week.  I did not have any problem completing the 6-miler, so I intend to proceed with this cross-training schedule.

What made this 6-mile run easier?  I ran with music for the first time since I started training.  It helps.  Now I just need to make better playlists without all the slow songs.  Damien Rice.  Oh how I love you, but your music encourages me to curl up in a ball and die.  I mean cry.  In a good way.  Another helpful tip?  Download this app... RunKeeper.  I don't ever have to map out a route ever again.  I can weave in and out of unfamiliar neighborhoods, and the nice RunKeeper lady voice chimes in every 5 minutes to tell me how far I have run AND at what pace I'm running.  Happy cross-training for your runs, everybody!

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20-Week Marathon Training Program: Week 2

In a perfect world, this is the way my workouts are supposed to fall in the week.  The 4-mile run was still doable without running the rest of the week.  I did, however, attend kickboxing twice, indoor cycling twice, and a boot camp once.  All of those classes, to me, are great substitutes for at least a 3-mile run.  So according to week 2 and all of its content, I was well-prepared for the ACTUAL run at the end of the week.  No time to attend classes?  Click HERE to try this 10-minute workout.

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20-Week Marathon Training Program: Week 1

Sisters can't do EVERYTHING together.  Here's Amy's next challenge.  Running a marathon.

This is my individualized 20-week marathon training program based on not running too much.  I am calling myself a beginner because I have never run a marathon before.  I have completed a half-marathon, but it was almost four years ago.  I run occasionally for exercise but tend to enjoy cross-training exercise classes for overall fitness.  I am currently conditioned to pick up and run 3 or 4 miles at a 10-minute mile pace.  I am going to reference Hal Higdon's 18-week marathon training guide, specifically novice 1.  Since mine is 20 weeks, not 18, like Hal's, I got to choose my long run for this week (3 miles).

My plan is to continue to workout the way I prefer (see #FittnessSprinkle chart) and simply add Hal's suggested longest run for that week.  Right now I think that an indoor cycling class could count for a 3-,mile run; same with kickboxing.  I love weights and do not want to give them up.  That's  just a bonus.  The other thing I intend to follow through with is rest--one day every week.  Mine will probably fall on the weekend.  

Hal's first week of training calls for a 6-mile run as the longest run of the week.  So for my second week of training, I plan to bump up my run to 4 miles.  The following week I should be ready for his 6-mile run.  As the training weeks progress, and the runs get longer and longer (even the short ones), I might give up another workout day and devote it to running.  Please feel free to follow my schedule.