Thanksgiving Kids' Table & Craft Ideas

Keep kids busy this Thanksgiving by throwing loads and loads of paper crafts their way.  Plus, your kid table will be super high-fashion.  Who knew Thanksgiving could be so colorful?  We are including lots of ideas because sometimes kids just rush through projects and want to be onto the next.  All of these projects combined will be sure to keep them busy while you work on your mimosas, we mean turkey.

` set out stamps, cupcake decorations, crayons, and lots of decorations for kids to put up

` paper lanterns make a great project for kids old enough to use a stapler and some tape

` 3-D trees and reindeer are perfect for tablescapes AND fun to put together

` placing leaves on trees is sure to take up some more time, AND it looks cute too

` provide stamps so kids can decorate their own place mats

Adults might want to do this too.  Stamping is fun! 

` small white pumpkins make great decorations for the table too

` have kids put deer together, and all the kids can use them as name cards

` set out wrappers, toppers, and sprinkles for cupcake decorating

We have a whole post about these cupcakes.  Click HERE for more details.  We even sell these as a kit in our Etsy shop.

` don't be surprised if the adults are hanging around the kid table this thanksgiving

Everything we decorated with in this post can be found in the Thanksgiving section of our Etsy shop.

Thanksgiving Paper Wall Decorations

Are you a person who loves things to be neat with lots of symmetry?  Consider this modern idea for Thanksgiving decorations.

` display ivory pumpkins in brown frames

Repeating the same decorations in a grid-like fashion keeps your Thanksgiving decorating simple, while maintaining a modern feel.

` string feathers/leaves together with a sharp needle and thread

We sell these wall decorations as a kit in our Etsy shop, or feel free to print them as we've provided below.

Make your own poster board mantle by printing and tracing this template onto two ends of a piece of poster board.  Cut out and add decorative lines with a black marker.   Keep lines straight by using the edge of the poster board.  

Use the small leaf for your feather.  Don't go doing anything too crazy.  We know there is a lot to choose from with this printable.  These are actually our tiki guy parts.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Getting ready for Thanksgiving?  Want to include something for the kids?  Put your best pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake forward, add a craft, and all the kids at your Thanksgiving dinner will leave happy.  You don't have to come up with how to do it because we've already done it for you.

` thanksgiving turkey, mayflower, and native american headband cupcakes

` sprinkle cinnamon on your favorite buttercream frosting recipe, or feel free to use ours by clicking HERE

` drop your frosted cupcakes into brown or cream-colored cardstock cupcake wrappers

We sell these cupcake wrappers in our Etsy shop.

` create mayflower cupcake by using the eyebrows from our tiki guy parts (below)

` punch two small holes using a hole punch or needle, bend, and insert toothpicks... now you have a sail

` use leaves and small triangles from tiki guy parts (below) to create native american headband cupcake

` form turkey head using leaves, triangle, and small circle from our tiki guy parts (below)

` use black marker for eyes

Get professionally-cut parts AND save time by visiting our Etsy shop for a set of 12.  Picture above shows everything you get.  Otherwise, print and cut out with our free printables below.  Happy Fun Thanksgiving!

Haunted House Luminaries

` line sidewalks, driveways, courtyards, and walls with these homemade luminaries

` enhance the look with die cut garland, strung together with a sharp needle and thread

Classic orange pumpkin AND haunted house die cuts can be found on our Design Sprinkle Products page AND in our Etsy shop.


haunted house die cuts (Click HERE to print your own onto black cardstock, or keep scrolling to purchase.)


white paper bags

glass votives

tea lights


Tape haunted house to bag, trimming any bag edges that show.  Put candle inside and light.  Do NOT leave unattended,  or use LED candles... much safer.

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